Are the lenses good, and do they protect my eyes?

The glass used in WALKERS sunglasses has a UV400 protection filter that protects against 100% of UV-ray radiations, approved by the European Union. Some of our models also have a polarised filter, which helps to prevent eye strain, reducing the sun's reflection on water, snow and metallic surfaces.

All our sunglasses are made by handmade and the frames are made with high quality ACETATE , with this material we achieve more resistant pieces and the frames do not deteriorate easily also they are more resistant and can be wet without any problem.

Our sunglasses comply with the following standards:

  • American Standard UV400 AS/NZS 1067,2003
  • Australian Standard UV400 EN 1836:2005+A1
  • European Community Directive Standard 100% UV400.

What size are Flamingo sunglasses?

We have several different models, with the following measurements:

  • HYDRA 13,8cm (front), 5,2cm (height), 14,5cm (sidepieces)
  • TILOS 14cm (front), 4,8cm (height ), 14cm (sidepieces)
  • JORDAN 14cm (front), 4,79cm (height), 14cm (sidepieces)
  • GIOKO 13,8cm (front), 4,7cm (height), 14,5cm (sidepieces)

How should I take care of my sunglasses?

Even though our sunglasses are high-quality and resistant, we don't recommend leaving them face-down, or storing them outside their case, since the lenses can be scratched or damaged.

We also recommend that you avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or in high-temperature settings for too long.

The best way to clean them is with a gentle microfibre cloth, like the one that comes with the package. You should also always carry them in the protective case.

Is payment 100% secure?

Yes, payment is 100% secure. And we accept Pay Pal, Visa, MasterCard and bank transfer.

I received defective glasses. What can I do?

If your WALKERS sunglasses have a defect, we will 100% take care of the cost, replacing them at no additional fee to you. To do so, we need you to send us a photograph with the defects observed in the glasses within 24-48 hours after receiving them, to our Customer Service info@walkersco.com.

Then we will send another product, the same model, at no additional cost to you. Next, a delivery professional will pick up the damaged glasses.

How can I exchange my order?

To make any exchange, please immediately contact info@walkersco.com.


Returns must be made within 14 days once the order is received. Returns will be credited with the payment method you used to place your order. Only the price of the glasses will be credited.


WALKERS will not be held liable for customs fees. Remember that even though Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands are Spanish territory, all shipments from these regions must also go through customs.

Customs payments are applicable when we receive packages from outside the European Union, since there is no kind of duty or tax between member countries.


If you want collaborate with WALKERS, you can send us a direct message to our official Instagram account @walkersco_ and we explain you about this.

I have more questions

Contact us at info@walkersco.com